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Like Minds (2007)
15Contains strong language and gory images

Echoes of other psychological thrillers resound in Like Minds, most of them superior to this British-based story. Newcomer Eddie Redmayne stars as a public schoolboy arrested on suspicion of murdering a classmate, opposite Toni Collette as the psychologist who has a hunch he didn't do it. A patchy script by writer/director Gregory J Read prevents them from striking up a believable rapport, whilst the intervening flashbacks slowly chip away at your own sense of sanity.

It's a longwinded and convoluted story that builds up to the crime, going as far back as The Crusades. Alex's creepy roommate Nigel (the pretty but bland Tom Sturridge), is obsessed with The Knights Templar. He enjoys reading about their exploits between killing small animals, eviscerating them and pickling the remains. Understandably, Alex takes exception to having to share a room with this fellow, and even more so when best pal Josh (Jon Overton) is killed.


As the body count gets higher, the twists and turns become increasingly absurd. Incest and necrophilia get thrown in with murder and macabre images of human intestines strewn like tinsel. Whilst this is in some ways reminiscent of Silence Of The Lambs, Read fails to build suspense around the carnage. The dynamic between Alex and Dr Sally Rowe is redolent of Primal Fear, except that too much is taken for granted in their relationship. Also, their exchanges aren't intellectual jousts as much as a chance for Read to lecture on medieval history. Redmayne holds his own opposite Collette, but neither actor has any standout moments. If great minds think alike, they'll be giving this one a miss.

Like Minds is released in UK cinemas on Friday 11th May 2007.

End Credits

Director: Gregory J Read

Writer: Gregory J Read

Stars: Toni Collette, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Sturridge

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Length: 109 minutes

Cinema: 11 May 2007

Country: Australia/UK

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