Reviewer's Rating 1 out of 5  
Kya Love Story Hai (2007)
PGContains mild comic violence

Ayesha Takia and Tusshar Kapoor team up for Kya Love Story Hai, a triangle love story so mind-numbingly boring it leaves you practically comatose. The film falls flat at the off by virtue of an underdeveloped script. Little actually occurs to push the story towards a satisfying dramatic conclusion. The characters too are lacklustre, spouting hackneyed dialogue, while the performances overall are abysmal. There is no point to this film and certainly no point wasting two hours watching it.

Arjun (Kapoor) lives an idle life, living off his inheritance. He falls in love with Kaajal (Takia) at first sight, but she is more interested in finding a self made man. So Arjun makes a swift exit from her life in a bid to make a name for himself. Meanwhile, Kaajal meets Ranveer (Hukku) the epitome of success and seemingly the man of her dreams. Arjun returns to find Kaajal engaged to Ranveer, but just as he appears to have lost his love forever, Kaajal begins to see Arjun in a whole new light.


Two hours of Tusshar Kapoor are enough to swear you off films for life. Utterly devoid of star quality, the younger Kapoor redefines wooden, alternating between insipid and downright depressed. Ayesha Takia by comparison is all bubbly charm, and the only person who can be credited with actually doing any acting. Kareena Kapoor's opening item number is apparently the film's saving grace, but its little inducement to endure what follows. The scriptwriters, meanwhile, never get beyond the rudiments of basic storytelling.

Shoddy work all round.

Kya Love Story Hai is released in UK cinemas on Friday 20th April 2007.

End Credits

Director: Lovely Singh

Writer: Rahul Singh

Stars: Tusshar Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Karan Hukku, Kareena Kapoor

Genre: Bollywood

Length: 120 minutes

Cinema: 20 April 2007

Country: India

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