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Children of Men DVD (2006)

Clive Owen is at his disaffected best in the "arrestingly grim" sci-fi thriller Children Of Men. Mexican helmer Alfonso Cuarón won acclaim for creating a truly nightmarish vision of Britain in the not-too-distant future, even if there was a little too much going on in this adaptation of PD James' novel. It went down a treat with the home crowd and has put a fair few bums on seats in the US as well.

The Call To Action

It's a great shame for this ambitious Brit flick that we only get a seven minute featurette to accompany it on DVD. That's just enough time for Cuarón to explain how "fluid, long takes" help to create a more immediate, "raw" feeling about the action. Owen briefly talks about what this means for the actors, ie "a lot of rehearsal" and careful choreography.

Children of Men DVD

Grown Men And Cars

Added to the interviews is a glimpse behind the scenes at the moment the car carrying Owen and the renegades is ambushed in the forest. Basically this meant having to mount a 'Doggicam' and other strange-sounding recording gizmos to the body of the car. Topping things off is a smattering of b-roll footage from the opening sequence, which was shot on Fleet Street in London.

The featurette is interesting as far as it goes, but like that Doggi car, that's not very far.


  • Men Under Attack featurette
  • Technical Information

    2 Dolby Digital 5.1 Still, with music 1.85: 1 (anamorphic)
    21 English, German, Dutch English, German
    English, German The special features are subtitled 15

    End Credits

    Director: Alfonso Cuarón

    Writer: Alfonso Cuarón

    Stars: Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine, Chiwetel Ejiofor

    Genre: Action, Drama, Science Fiction

    Length: 105 minutes

    Cinema: 22 september 2006

    DVD: 15 January 2007

    Country: USA