Reviewer's Rating 2 out of 5  
I See You (2006)
PGContains mild language

Based on the Reese Witherspoon flick, Just Like Heaven, debutante director Vivek Agrawal will have had high hopes for this film. However, I See You is let down by derisory performances from its lead players. Arjun Rampal is unconvincing as a man who falls in love with a woman whom only he can see. Newcomer Vipasha Agarwal makes a good effort, but the zero chemistry between the two is glaring, rendering the film neither funny nor romantic.

Co-host of TV show British Raj, Raj Jaiswal (Arjun Rampal) is a shameless lothario, who is forced to change his philandering ways when he returns home one evening to find that Shivani (Vipasha Agarwal), a wandering spirit, has taken up residence in his home. Caught between life and death, Shivani’s comatose body lies in a hospital, under the supervision of a racketeering doctor with a sideline in organ trading. Amid fears for his own sanity, Raj elects to help Shivani elude the unscrupulous doctor, but quickly finds himself falling in love - with a house guest visible only to himself.


The problem here doesn't lie with the script, nor does it lie with the technical elements, which are quite well executed. Its failure lies in the weak delivery and lack of conviction, mostly on the part of Rampal. Unable to emote, lacking charisma and expression, Rampal's performance is well below par. With the exception of Kiron Kher and Boman Irani, the film is further compromised by the contribution of a bunch of misfits who make up the secondary players.

With such lacklustre performances, the end product is amateurish and tedious. I See You could well leave you in much the same state as its lead character. Comatose.

In Hindi without subtitles.

End Credits

Director: Vivek Agrawal

Writer: Vivek Agrawal, Suresh Nair

Stars: Arjun Rampal, Vipasha Agarwal, Chunkey Pandey, Boman Irani, Kiron Kher

Genre: Bollywood, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Length: 122 minutes

Cinema: 22 December 2006

Country: India

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