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Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan (2006)
15Contains strong language and sex references

Welcome to the reviewing! Here, we in processes of making mind up for yous: Question: to go to cinegraphic house and see Borat, hilarious new celluloid making from funny prankster Sacha Baron Cohen, or stay home and milk chicken? Tricky to know, because filming funnier than cow in filing cabinet but also very rude to everyone includes Jews, gays and mighty American peoples. We investigates.

Borat famous journalist is from East, where sister is number four prostitute in whole Kazakhstan. But! He travel to America and have adventures, meeting famous peoples like Pammy Anderson and exposing corruption at heart of Apple Pie values! So he say. We believe? Not sure. Maybe Borat funny only for he speak in hilarious foreign accent and make fool of self! He interview folks, ask stupid questions, they boggle at him like frogs. That is joke (not hard joke to do, as we proves). Borat much like other Cohen hero Aly-Gee. But! What is real, we ask us, and what is fake? We answer us: some is real, some is fake. All mixed up like sheep and shepherds. Reviewer is disappointed!


Also disgusting things happening, like naked wrestling with huge fat man and bear going poo in ice cream van. Borat see nasty truth in USA full of crazy religious peoples and rich evil landowners. He sing national anthem to rodeo about drink blood of Iraqis. Americans cheer! Scary Americans. Borat scared of Jews and rude to Jews, scared of gays and rude to them also as well. So maybe Jews and gays hate film. But! Baron Cohen also Jew, though maybe not gay, so confusing. Cohen must be very good actor to do this. Is it wrong to laugh at Jew who laugh at Jews? See film and find out!

End Credits

Director: Larry Charles

Writer: Sacha Baron Cohen, Ken Davitian, Pamela Anderson

Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Ken Davitian, Pamela Anderson

Genre: Comedy

Length: 84 minutes

Cinema: 03 November 2006

Country: USA

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