Jessica Stevenson And Martin Freeman


Interviewed by Rachel Simpson

“I didn't find it that hard to sing badly ”

Well-known to British audiences for their comedy telly turns on surreal sitcom Spaced and The Office respectively, Jessica Stevenson and Martin Freeman can now class themselves as Brits on the big screen. Freeman has already survived the Vogons as Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy while Stevenson saved her Spaced mate Simon Pegg from the zombies in comedy horror Shaun Of The Dead. Now the pair have teamed up for Brit director Debbie Isitt's mockumentary Confetti in which they play one of three couples competing for the title of "most original wedding".

video  WATCH: Jessica Stevenson and Martin Freeman on improv and the art of singing - badly.

Confetti is released in UK cinemas on Friday 5th May 2006.