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High Noon - 24th March 2006
  Woody Is The Walker
Woody Harrelson will star in The Walker. It's an unofficial sequel to American Gigolo, written and to be directed by Paul Schrader (who also wrote the 1980 classic). Kristin Scott Thomas, Lauren Bacall, Willem Dafoe and Lily Tomlin round out the cast with shooting set to begin in the UK (doubling for Washington DC) next week.

Schrader says the title character is basically the American Gigolo at 50. "His gifts are now more social than sexual," he explains. "He's this society walker who has his lady friends and a boyfriend on the side." On casting Harrelson, he adds, "His wittiness is the initial point of entry for the viewer into a story which takes a dark turn. This will be quite a transformation for him, from the hairpiece and his manner to the clothes he wears." We reckon he should keep his own first name for the role.
  Moynahan Makes Noise
Bridget Moynahan (I,Robot) will join Tim Robbins in black comedy Noise. Robbins stars as a New Yorker who's driven to his wits' end by noise pollution and takes to vigilantism - smashing cars with over-sensitive alarms etc. Unfortunately his double life as 'The Rectifier' takes its toll on his family and work life. We're guessing Moynahan is playing his concerned daughter.

The script was written and will be directed by Henry Bean, who most recently penned Basic Instinct 2. Talk about a menace to society...
  An Old Fasioned Honeymoon
A very retro cast has come together for indie flick Dark Honeymoon. Daryl Hannah, Roy Scheider, Sean Young and Eric 'TV Movie' Roberts are all on board the project by writer-director David O'Malley. He previously penned a spoof of 80s/90s suspense thrillers like Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction called Fatal Instinct (1993) so this could end up more ditzy than dark.

The plot follows a man who marries a woman after a whirlwind romance. During their honeymoon on the woody Oregon coast, he uncovers the terrible truth about her as those around them begin to die mysterious and violent deaths. Lock up your rabbits! Shooting begins in May.
  Collette & Harden Get Dead
Writer-director Karen Moncrieff made a splash at Sundance with Blue Car and has attracted a semi-starry line-up for her next film. Toni Collette, Marcia Gay Harden, Josh Brolin, Rose Byrne, James Franco, Brittany Murphy, Giovanni Ribisi and Mary Steenburgen have all signed up for The Dead Girl.

It's described as a 'dark mystery' surrounding a young woman's death, which is gradually unravelled when the lives of seemingly uninvolved people intersect. Sounds a bit like Twin Peaks (without the backwards-talking midget).
  Jackson Leads Farce
Samuel L Jackson will narrate Farce Of The Penguins. It's a parody of the recent hit documentary March Of The Penguins using some of the same footage. Actor-comedian Bob Saget wrote the script, will direct and lend his voice to the principal penguin who is looking for love during a 70-mile migration. Meanwhile his buddies are obsessed with sowing their wild oats.

Other voice artists include Jason Biggs, his American Pie co-star Alyson Hannigan, James Belushi and Whoopi Goldberg. This is so wrong.