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Big Momma's House 2 (2006)
PGContains mild sex and drug references and comic slapstick violence

Only the most ardent chubby-chaser will get any satisfaction from Big Momma's House 2, a belated sequel to the 2000 comedy that sees Martin Lawrence's chameleon Fed transform himself once again into an obese Southern granny. Why? Well, director John Whitesell would have us believe it's to infiltrate the home of a computer programmer implicated in an FBI agent's death. But it's really just a ploy for some more flaccid fat-suit antics that are as short of inspiration as Big Momma is of breath.

Unhappy with his new PR role as a Safety Eagle (wouldn't a turkey be more appropriate?), Malcolm Turner (Lawrence) is only too happy to go back undercover as live-in nanny for his quarry's three children. But he hasn't reckoned for the amount of work involved keeping house for such a demanding brood, whose daily schedule is dictated down to the last second by their control-freak mother (Emily Procter). To make matters worse, his heavily pregnant wife (Nia Long) is convinced he's playing away from home, her raging jealousy threatening to expose him at every turn...


Judging by the movie's baffling success across the water, there may well be a market for Lawrence's brand of juvenile hijinks, which here require his rotund alter-ego to ride a jet-ski, become a cheerleader and don a swimsuit in a grotesque parody of Bo Derek in 10. Over here, thank goodness, we're made of saner stuff and will surely recognise this tedious caper for the ghastly Mrs Doubtfire rip-off it is.

End Credits

Director: John Whitesell

Writer: Don Rhymer

Stars: Martin Lawrence, Nia Long, Emily Procter, Zachary Levi, Mark Moses, Jascha Washington

Genre: Comedy, Family

Length: 98 minutes

Cinema: 10 February 2006

Country: USA

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