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Mere Jeevan Saathi (My Soulmate) (2006)

Less than five years ago Karisma Kapoor was one of Bollywood's top starlets, but all that changed when she swapped movies for marriage. Mere Jeevan Saathi has been sitting on the shelf since then - and you can see why. Suneel Darshan's thriller is neither good nor worth the long wait. Kapoor plays one third of a bitter love triangle alongside Akshay Kumar and Amisha Patel. Cheesier than a truckload of cheddar, this Fatal Attraction inspired thriller is a real stinker.

To call Natasha (Kapoor) a nutcase would be putting it mildly. So obsessed is she with budding pop singer Vicky (Kumar) that since college she's invested all her time and energy, not to mention her dead father's fortune, into making him an international star and herself his record boss. But it isn't till she tempts Vicky into bed that things begin to sour when he spurns their one night stand in favour of an old relationship. Cue the world's most over-the-top woman spurned act that makes Glen Close's bunny boiler seem positively sane. For Natasha thinks nothing of talking to herself, caressing Vicky's used teacups and plotting to blow up his sickly sweet girlfriend Anjali (Patel).


Ten minutes into the film and you'll want to join Kumar in putting Kapoor and director Suneel Darshan out of their misery. Corny dialogues, cheap sets, camp wardrobes, not to mention plastic performances, are enough to have anyone commit themselves to the loony bin for watching such a poor excuse for entertainment. Unless you like B-grade baloney, give this one a miss.

In Hindi with English subtitles.

End Credits

Director: Suneel Darshan

Writer: Robin Bhatt

Stars: Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor, Amisha Patel, Gulshan Grover

Genre: Bollywood, Thriller

Length: 140 minutes

Cinema: 03 February 2006

Country: India

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