Kristin Scott Thomas

Keeping Mum

Interviewed by Adrian Hennigan

“I knew Patrick Swayze was a god, but I didn't know why ”

She was the posh totty Hugh Grant didn't end up with in Four Weddings And A Funeral, the adulterous wife in The English Patient and the glamorous other half of Gosford Park's murder victim. And Kristin Scott Thomas' distinct lack of success with her onscreen marriages only continues in her latest film, Keeping Mum, where she plays a bored housewife more interested in the er, drive of Patrick Swayze's oily golf instructor than her insipid vicar of a husband (Rowan Atkinson).

video  WATCH: Kristin Scott Thomas on choosing a comedy, working with Maggie Smith and why Patrick Swayze is a god.

Keeping Mum is released in UK cinemas on Friday 2nd December 2005.