Alessandro Nivola


Interviewed by Adrian Hennigan

“I wanted to find the footballer who came out with the most outrageous, daft things ”

Boston-born actor Alessandro Nivola has managed to forge a career on both sides of the Atlantic. As well as appearing in the big-budget spectaculars Face/Off and Jurassic Park III, he's also appeared in acclaimed indie pics such as Best Laid Plans, Laurel Canyon and the upcoming Junebug. He's also played a steady stream of British characters, including a stalker in the Michael Winterbottom thriller I Want You and now playboy footballer Gavin Harris in Goal!.

audio  LISTEN: Alessandro Nivola on how his Goal! character Gavin Harris went from "thick nemesis" to something more interesting

audio  LISTEN: Alessandro reveals which footballer he based his all-mouth-and-no-trousers character on

audio  LISTEN: Alessandro on the similarities between footballers and actors

audio  LISTEN: Alessandro on how the football scenes were filmed

audio  LISTEN: Alessandro on the relationship between the actors and Newcastle's players, in particular Alan Shearer

Goal! is released in UK cinemas on Friday 30th September 2005.