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Stealth (2005)
12aContains strong language and moderate action violence

"War is a team sport!" crows test pilot Henry Purcell (Jamie Foxx) in Stealth, a Top Gun-style adventure from xXx director Rob Cohen. But Henry and his fellow Navy hotshots, Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) and Kara Wade (Jessica Biel), have a surprise in store when their team gets a new member - Extreme Deep Invader, an unmanned fighter which soon develops a very dangerous mind of its own. Full of explosive mayhem and pulse-quickening aerial combat, this high-flying action romp offers polished, if derivative entertainment.

Having successfully reduced a terrorist HQ to rubble, squad leader Gannon gets his first inkling of trouble when EDI is hit by lightning on the way back to base. Soon it's querying orders, making its own decisions and downloading songs illegally - the ultimate crime in copyright-conscious Hollywood.


What to do? Pull the plug of course. But with EDI knowing all his moves, his bosses plotting against him and his beloved Kara forced to bail out over North Korea, Ben will need all his wits to stop the plane, save his girl and prevent World War III.

Shamelessly flaunting its dodgy geopolitics and boy-toy sexism, Stealth glorifies its gleaming weapons of mass destruction with a glee that borders on the manic. And while Biel is given token equality with the guys, she still spends as much time in the buff as she does in the air. There's no denying though, that Cohen's film delivers what it promises - big bangs, cool jets and no brain whatsoever.

End Credits

Director: Rob Cohen

Writer: W D Richter

Stars: Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Sam Shepard, Richard Roxburgh, Joe Morton

Genre: Action

Length: 120 minutes

Cinema: 05 August 2005

Country: USA

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