Katie Holmes

Batman Begins

Interviewed by Anwar Brett

“Whenever you're creating a character there are things that you grew up with, parts of your personality that you put into it ”

Shooting to stardom on the popular show Dawson's Creek is one thing; being feted by the paparazzi as Tom Cruise's other half is quite another. 26-year-old Katie Holmes has also been successful in making the leap from small screen to big screen, with roles in Wonder Boys, The Gift, Phone Booth and Pieces Of April. In Batman Begins she portrays a close childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, who grows up to become an Assistant DA in Gotham City.

How much fun was it playing such a tough and bright a character as Rachel in Batman Begins, and getting to work with such a fine cast?

I really enjoyed playing Rachel. I loved her strength and integrity, so it was a wonderful experience. And it was a privilege to be part of this cast. It's so easy when you're working with such wonderful actors, I learned so much.

Do you look back on Dawson's Creek now as an important stepping stone in your movie career - and would you ever consider other TV projects?

I think that Dawson's Creek was a huge opportunity and one that I look back on very fondly. In the future, I don't know. I'm excited at the prospect of doing more movies, I like playing a lot of different characters, but I'm open to all sorts of things. And I might do something on television, if the right thing came along.

Was there any aspect of your life you personally drew on to play Rachel?

I'm the daughter of one attorney and sister to another. I guess whenever you're creating a character there are things that you grew up with, parts of your personality that you put into it, so yes that came into it a little.

There's a rumour that you were persuaded to turn down the role of Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl because Tom didn't want to see you playing a victim. Is this true? And are there wedding bells in your immediate future?

No, I declined the role in Factory Girl based on my own decisions about the movie. And there's nothing official to report on the last question.

How do you react to criticism in your own life that your relationship with Tom is not all it seems to be?

It doesn't hurt me at all. There are a lot of people that are really, really happy for us, it's really exciting. We're so happy, I don't really care about the critics.

Batman Begins is released in UK cinemas on Thursday 16th June.