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Inside Deep Throat (2005)
18Contains strong real sex

Bristling moustaches, big medallions and enormous flares are some of the more innocent sights in Inside Deep Throat - a XXX documentary about the skin flick that changed the face of American censorship with an "oooh" and an "ahhh" and an "oooh-la-la". Heading back to 1972 when the American sex industry was porn again with the release of its first crossover hit ($600 million and counting), narrator Dennis Hopper explains how Deep Throat went from tonsil-twanging naughtiness to taboo-shattering social revolution.

The fun of Inside Deep Throat lies in just how fascinating the history of this skin-flick's rise to fame is. Made with mafia money, directed by a filmmaker who approached the film "like Luke [sic] Godard" and starring a celebrity-eager country gal who could swallow more inches than a Great White shark, the making of Deep Throat was ten times more interesting than the porn film itself. Interviews with the surviving players, including porn stud Harry Reams (who would apparently "get an erection at the sound of the camera") make for entertaining viewing.


Where Inside Deep Throat goes limp is in its social history, a one-sided attempt to preach an anti-censorship message. Filmmakers Fenton and Barbato tip their hand so blatantly that the film loses all claim to objectivity. The end might have justified the means except that this doc glosses over so much - not least of all star Linda Lovelace's claims that she was sexually abused, threatened and beaten - that its libertarian message eventually sticks in its throat.

End Credits

Director: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato

Writer: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato

Stars: Linda Lovelace, Dennis Hopper, Harry Reams, Gerard Diamano, Eric Jong

Genre: Documentary, Comedy

Length: 90 minutes

Cinema: 10 June 2005

Country: USA

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