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The Consequences Of Love (Le Conseguenze Dell'Amore) (2005)
15Contains strong language and hard drug use

In a Swiss hotel, an Italian businessman named Titta Di Girolamo sits silently, alone in the window of the café as he's done every day for eight years. So what, exactly, is he doing? The glittering, must-see Consequences Of Love stars Toni Servillo as the mysterious 50-year-old resident. He sits apart, impeccable and impenetrable; he smokes and he waits. And so do we - but not for long as Signore Girolamo has secrets everywhere.

In the style of director Paolo Sorrentino's film, the plot will have to remain in the dark - it unfolds itself with such elegance that it would be a crime to give anything away. Even the genre remains a mystery for almost an hour - and then plays out with a brilliant flair for the unexpected.


Along the way you are swept up in some dazzling filmmaking. The camera moves with precision, grace and constant invention, gliding between striking angles in the spotless, neutral hotel. Crisp editing and an involving, dynamic soundtrack steer the mood with equal panache. And Servillo is utterly remarkable as Di Girolamo; poker-faced, witty, gaspingly rude and preposterously cool. A uniformly splendid supporting cast surround him; even the most incidental characters just ooze credibility and depth.

Undeniably arthouse, yet as thrilling and polished as anything in the multiplex, The Consequences Of Love is an audacious, hugely rewarding gem of a film that demands to be seen. What, exactly, are you waiting for?

In Italian with English subtitles.

End Credits

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Writer: Fernando León de Aranoa, Ignacio del Moral

Stars: Toni Bardem, Luis Tosar, Celso Bugallo, Nieve de Medina, Enrique Villón

Genre: Drama

Length: 104 minutes

Cinema: 27 May 2005

Country: Italy

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