Simon Channing-Williams

Raindance East Film Festival

Interviewed by Adrian Hennigan

“There is no script or cast, but give us a load of money and we'll make you a fine film ”

Simon Channing-Williams is one of the UK's most high profile independent producers. As well as producing all of Mike Leigh's films since High Hopes in 1988, he's also made the likes of Jack And Sarah, Goodbye Charlie Bright, Nicholas Nickleby, and De-Lovely. His most recent work was the award-winning Vera Drake, and he's got two more films in the pipeline: John Le Carré adaptation The Constant Gardener - starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz, and directed by Fernando (City Of God) Meirelles; and Brothers Of The Head, a first feature for Lost In La Mancha directors Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe. As producer in residence at this year's Raindance East Film Festival, he'll be introducing two of his movies, Naked and Man About Dog.

video  WATCH: Simon on why he became a producer, and on what makes a good independent producer

video  WATCH: Simon on working with Mike Leigh

video  WATCH: Simon on The Constant Gardener

Simon Channing-Williams will discuss his career and introduce Naked and Man About Dog at the Rio Cinema, Dalston, on Saturday 23rd April 2005.