Saul Dibb

Bullet Boy

Interviewed by Adrian Hennigan

“You always have a responsibility making a film ”

Saul Dibb has never been afraid to mix with bad company. His documentaries frequently look at people living on the wrong side of the tracks. Lifters, for example, was about serial shoplifters, while Easy Money looked at a couple working within the porn industry. Now he makes his directorial debut with Bullet Boy, a searing examination of gun culture among young black Londoners.

video  WATCH: Saul on why he wanted to make Bullet Boy, and why it's fictional and not a documentary

video  WATCH: Saul on why the film is set in Hackney and shot primarily on location

video  WATCH: Saul on his cast, including Ashley Walters and newcomer Luke Fraser

video  WATCH: Saul on utilising his documentary skills on Bullet Boy

video  WATCH: Saul on the pressures of being a white director making an urban movie

video  WATCH: Saul on what his research for Bullet Boy uncovered

video  WATCH: Saul on working without a conventional movie script

video  WATCH: Saul on what's next for him

Bullet Boy is released in UK cinemas on Friday 8th April 2005.