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White Noise (2005)
15Contains supernatural horror.

Poltergeist meets The Ring in White Noise, a supernatural thriller that uses the dubious paranormal theory of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) as the basis for an initially intriguing but ultimately risible foray into ghostly shlock horror. Michael Keaton stars as a bereaved husband who comes to believe his late wife is trying to contact him through his VCR. Swallow that and you will probably enjoy this derivative spookfest, though don't be surprised if you find yourself stifling a few chuckles en route to its effects-heavy conclusion.

Life couldn't be happier for Jonathan Rivers (Keaton), a successful architect with a beautiful young wife (Chandra West), a loving son (Nicholas Elia) and another child on the way. But Jonathan's world falls apart when Anna disappears and is later found murdered.

Moving into a new apartment and distancing himself from friends and family, the distraught widower tries to rebuild his life. But his grasp on reality is shaken when a mysterious boffin (Ian McNeice) plays him audio recordings that suggest his wife is attempting to reach him from "the other side"...


At first there's an eerie plausibility to the muffled messages Anna transmits through television and radio frequencies. But what slim credence director Geoffrey Sax can muster is quickly sacrificed in favour of ghoulish premonitions, malevolent spectres and things that, quite literally, go bump in the night.

Through it all Keaton furrows his brow with impressive intensity. But his efforts are hampered by a script which requires him to do the exact opposite of what any right-minded individual would do in his circumstances. Why seek out word from beyond the grave if you pay no attention to it? You can't help thinking if he'd only rented Don't Look Now instead of spending his nights watching static, things might have turned out rather differently.

End Credits

Director: Geoffrey Sax

Writer: Niall Johnson

Stars: Michael Keaton, Deborah Kara Unger, Chandra West, Ian McNeice, Sarah Strang, Nicholas Elia

Genre: Thriller

Length: 97 minutes

Cinema: 07 January 2005

Country: USA

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