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High Noon - 21st October 2004
  Jake And Jamie Do Jarhead
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx will star in Gulf War drama Jarhead for director Sam Mendes. Screenwriter William Broyles (Cast Away, The Polar Express) adapted Anthony Swofford's book, which recounts his experiences as a young Marine through the build-up to Operation Desert Storm. Gyllenhaal will play Swofford with Foxx assuming the role of squad commander.

"The thing that sold me on Jake was watching him onstage in London in the Kenny Lonergan play This Is Our Youth," reveals Mendes. "He showed amazing range and strength." And what drew him to Broyles' script? "The blackest of black humour, anger, surreal surroundings and forbidden fruit of what these guys really talk about and what really goes on out there." See for yourself when Jarhead opens in September 2005.
  Kingsley For Kevorkian?
According to Entertainment Weekly, Ben Kingsley is in line to play Dr Jack Kevorkian - dubbed Dr Death for his active endorsement of euthanasia. He tops the wish list for director Barbara Kopple, who asserts, "I don't intend to make a film that bolsters euthanasia. This is a story about an extraordinary life. No matter what you think of Kevorkian, he is a genius."

The real-life Kevorkian has agreed to assist Kopple as much as he can (considering he's behind bars) by allowing access to his private papers. "The film is going to be a real, honest look at the journeys people make," insists Kopple. "It will look at the life of Dr Kevorkian and all the incredible layers of his personality." Apparently he was a riot after a couple of cocktails - and we're not talking Martinis.
  Curtis Still Surviving
Veteran actor Tony Curtis has signed to star in Holocaust drama Love Is A Survivor for onetime TV director Philip Saville. He'll star in the true story of Herman Rosenblat, who survives the Nazi death camps with the help of a young woman who eventually becomes his wife. Other cast members include Maia Morgenstern, aka Mary mother of God in The Passion Of The Christ, who's set to play mother of Herman. Curtis' toupee also appears as a shell-shocked badger - not in the film, just in everyday life. Shooting is scheduled to begin in Hungary next February.
  Stone Drops Into Caribbean
Thanks to a persistent Johnny Depp, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is on board both sequels to Pirates Of The Caribbean. Depp famously based his Oscar-nominated portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow on the ageing rocker who will, in turn, play Sparrow's father in the forthcoming films - and not the ship's plank, as previously suspected.

Apparently Richards has already been fitted for his costume, with production (on both movies) scheduled to begin at the end of February. Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Mackenzie Crook, Geoffrey Rush, and director Gore Verbinski will all return for the shoot, which is likely to extend until the end of next year. This will cost Disney a fortune in rum.