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High Noon - 20th October 2004
  The Women Redux
It's been stuck in development hell for years, but now it looks like the remake of 1939 classic The Women could finally be getting the green light. A bevy of female leads are currently vying for roles in the production, with megastars Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, and Uma Thurman all in negotiations for this retelling of the George Cukor original, which starred Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer (and which is re-released in the UK on 5th November).

A decade ago, the remake was originally planned for Julia Roberts. Now, longtime screenwriter Diane English thinks it could easily tap into what women want in the Sex And The City age: "The catalyst of the story is still one of the woman discovering her husband is having an affair, and the reaction of her friends. Unless I screw it up, there's a built-in audience for this movie." Our advice? Don't screw it up.
  American Ghost Story
Something wicked is in the works as Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek fly out to Romania to battle the supernatural in An American Haunting. It's a gothic ghost story based on true-life events (yeah, pull the other one) that took place in 19th century Tennessee. Based on the book The Bell Witch: An American Haunting, it's apparently the only documented case in US history of a spirit causing a person's death. The story's been adapted for the screen by writer-director Courtney Solomon, the man responsible for (brace yourselves) Dungeons And Dragons. Suddenly it doesn't sound half as promising... Shooting starts later this week.
  Not So Silent Hill
Roger Avary (The Rules Of Attraction) isn't keeping hush hush about upcoming horror videogame adaptation Silent Hill. He recently spent three weeks in Paris tinkering with the first draft (nice work if you can get it): "Although we have something that resembles a finished script, with dialogue and formatting and little details worked out - it's still technically a pre-draft. I spent today with Christophe [Gans, the director] taking character notes - examining what doesn't work. And there's plenty. Keep in mind, no script is a movie. It's a blueprint toward production... and the blueprints tend to change along the way."

Judging by Avary's entertaining diary on his official site, that could be his way of saying he needs to spend a few more weeks hanging out in Paris comic shops and eating Vietnamese grub.
  Von Trier: The Antichrist?
Danish bad boy Lars Von Trier is breaking off his USA trilogy (Dogville, Manderlay and Washington) to make a horror movie called Antichrist. It's an audience friendly, English-language outing that imagines it was Satan, not God, who created the world. Shooting is expected to begin in 2006. In the meantime, the director is busy editing Manderlay, which follows Dogville's heroine Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) as she tries to abolish slavery on an Alabama plantation. "I expect that my film will unite the Ku Klux Klan and the coloured, because both parties will want to kill me afterwards," Von Trier recently joked.
  Extra! Extra!
Michael Winterbottom's controversially explicit Cannes favourite 9 Songs has been passed uncut by the BBFC after the censors decided that scenes of actors humping like rabbits on Viagra were "exceptionally justified by context".

Jennifer Garner is eyeing up another rom-com role after 13 Going 30 with Catch And Release, the story of a woman whose husband dies leaving her to deal with the revelation of secrets he kept from her.

Not content with hitting new lows of taste and decency in White Chicks, the Wayans Brothers are planning a follow-up movie called Little Man, about a bloke who mistakes a hardened criminal for his adopted son. Sounds like a laugh riot.

Cue the fanfare trumpets: the new Superman has finally been found and his name is Brandon Routh (no, us neither). Director Bryan Singer wants Routh to step into the red and blue spandex after seeing him on TV show Will & Grace (!). Prepare to forget this anti-climactic news story faster than a speeding bullet...