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High Noon - 21st September 2004
  Men In Capes Japes
The team behind Scary Movie 3 are reuniting for another spoof comedy outing: except this time it's about superheroes. Director David Zucker and writer Craig Mazin have announced that they're getting to work on the imaginatively titled Superhero!, a fiendishly funny (allegedly) spoof of the current crop of comicbook movies.

Fed up of waiting for the Ring 2 remake and other horror movies to parody in Scary Movie 4, the pair decided to lampoon our current obsession with men in spandex tights. "There are definite similarities between X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman and the rest of them," says Zucker. "You follow that main road, add a few more movies into the mix, and hopefully you end up with a kind of original funny movie and not just a grab-bag of jokes." Will the humour get above the level of wearing underpants on the wrong side of your trousers? We think not.
  Silent Hill Speaks Up
Videogame fans who like things that go bump into the night should start biting their nails now. Filmmaker Roger Avary (The Rules Of Attraction) has teamed up with French helmer Christophe Gans (Brotherhood Of The Wolf) to write an adaptation of spooky survival horror game Silent Hill.

Avary's keen to point out that it's not all fun and, uh, games though. The helmer claims on his official site that he's concerned by the amount of fan interest the project is generating: "One thing: WOULD YOU FREAKING SILENT HILL FANS PLEASE STOP SENDING ME YOUR SCRIPTS! I delete them without reading them, and it's getting a little absurd. I mean, does everyone who plays this game write a script immediately after finishing?!" Er no, we didn't. What's your excuse, Roger?
  First Blood For BloodRayne
Who needs news of one horror videogame when you can have news of two? More additions to the cast of vampire chronicle BloodRayne have just been announced, with rent-a-villain Udo Kier (Revelation) set to ham it up alongside Kristanna Loken (T3) in a story about a battle between eighteenth-century neck-nippers.

Director Uwe Boll (House Of The Dead) told website Monsters And Critics that the Romanian location shoot has already spilled a fair amount of claret: "We are doing the biggest massacre in the movie right now, so we have five knights in this monastery in Romania, and a huge battle with like one shot after another where people get killed or cut in half and stuff..." Bring it on.
  Official: Barrymore's A Zombie
Hollywood star Drew Barrymore's revealed what her detractors have always suspected: she really is a zombie. The former child star junkie turned Charlie's Angel told The Internet Movie Database that she's being worn out by insomnia: "I'm getting older so those dark circles are really starting to show. I'm starting to look like the Night Of The Living Dead."

"I sit there at like four in the morning and I'm like, 'Why can't I sleep, why?' I'm just nuts, so basically I'm crazy and I'm a workaholic and I think that has an effect on my insomnia." Time to reach for the sleeping pills, perhaps? Actually, given your past history with pharmaceuticals, Drew, that might not be such a great idea...
  And Finally
Yet more superhero news as comic strip Muse, the story of a super powered, modern-day daughter of Greek God Zeus, is snapped up for the silver screen. A future role for Cameron Diaz perhaps?

Red hot Mexican star Gael Garcia Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries) is to star in the latest movie from Eternal Sunshine helmer Michel Gondry. Titled The Science Of Sleep, it's a story about a man who learns how to manipulate his dreams. Maybe they should speak to Drew Barrymore...