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Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen DVD (2004)

Lindsay Lohan followed up a star turn in Freaky Friday with the comparatively lacklustre Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, a "messy and painful" adaptation of Dyan Sheldon's popular novel. A Judy Blume-type affair, it sees Lohan as a self-obsessed teen whose family relocates from the bright lights of New York City to a New Jersey suburb. Unfortunately, few people could be bothered to make the trip across town to see it.

Queen's Speech

As the title suggests, Confessions From The Set goes on location with cast and crew from glamorous locations including downtown Manhattan and, um, Nowheresville, New Jersey. The unguarded moments that see Lohan and co-star Alison Pill frolicking around between takes make a jovial addition to an otherwise humdrum compilation of soundbites. In case you were wondering, the moral of the story is: "If you really want to do something, then you can do it." That Lindsay, she's wise beyond her years...

Earth To Sugarman?

Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen DVD screengrab The audio commentary by director Sara Sugarman, writer Gail Parent, and the film's producers is similarly cheerful and unenlightening. At one point the group compares star signs and Sugarman makes the shattering revelation that "There's no earth in any of our signs". So that explains the airy-fairy commentary then.

Only one deleted scene is included here: a not very fantastical fantasy sequence (blame it on a low budget) in which Lohan re-enacts a number from the musical My Fair Lady. Unfortunately she gets the opportunity to sing again in That Girl, a bubblegum pop video that would probably tempt Simon Cowell into retirement. So it's not all bad news then.


  • Audio commentary by director Sara Sugarman, writer Gail Parent, and producers Robert Shapiro and Jerry Leider
  • Confessions From The Set featurette
  • One deleted scene
  • That Girl music video, performed by Lindsay Lohan
  • Technical Information

    2 Dolby Digital 5.1 Animated, with music 1.85:1 (anamorphic)
    13 English English, Portuguese, French, Spanish
    Multiple Languages All the special features are subtitled, but not in English! PG

    End Credits

    Director: Sara Sugarman

    Writer: Gail Parent

    Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Alison Pill, Megan Fox, Adam Garcia, Glenne Headly

    Genre: Comedy, Romance

    Length: 89 minutes

    Cinema: 07 May 2004

    DVD: 25 October 2004

    Country: USA