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Soul Plane (2004)
18Contains strong sex and language

Snoop Dogg as a pilot who's flying high in every sense. Outrageous toilet humour. Basketball star cameos. And Tom Arnold. Soul Plane is Airplane! without a parachute. Abandon all hope ye who board this flight because it's a one-way ticket to comedy hell. After winning $100 million in a compensation claim against a negligent airline, Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) decides to set up his own airline, NWA, catering exclusively to African-American passengers. But the inaugural Flight 069 from Terminal (Malcolm) X runs into serious turbulence...

Airplane! spoofed disaster movies, but Soul Plane is simply a disaster of a movie. Aimed squarely at the same "urban" (read African-American) audience that Wade's airline is targeting, it's chock full of bling-bling jokes, pharmaceutical humour and an avalanche of knuckle shearing gags that are likely to give supporters of political correctness a mid-movie coronary.


In short, it's irredeemably offensive tripe that wraps racist, homophobic and sexist stereotypes into a supposedly bootylicious package. Come back the Wayans Brothers, all is forgiven. Even Scary Movie 2.

With post-9/11 jokes about taking flight classes with the Taliban and an extended gag about a randy blind man, it's pretty obvious that tastelessness is the order of the day here. What's most offensive of all, though, is just how little purpose there is behind the shock-around-the-clock mentality. Playing its audience for suckers, Soul Plane hopes that being controversial will stop us from realising that this plotless and painfully unfunny movie jettisoned every single giggle before take-off.

And did we mention that it stars Tom Arnold? He heads up the only Caucasian family on-board, a group of idiot "crackers" called The Honkys. It's official: even deep vein thrombosis is more fun than this.

End Credits

Director: Jessy Terrero

Writer: Bo Zenga, Chuck Wilson

Stars: Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Method Man, KD Aubert, Tom Arnold

Genre: Comedy

Length: 86 minutes

Cinema: 27 August 2004

Country: USA

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