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High Noon - 9th January 2004
  Bloom In Town
The Luvverly Orlando Bloom is taking over Hollywood. In addition to Ridley Scott Crusades epic Kingdom Of Heaven, the Pirates Of The Caribbean heartthrob is set to star in Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown.

The romantic drama has been in limbo since scheduling conflicts/his inability to act saw Ashton Kutcher drop out. Now Bloom is in talks to play a suicidal young man who returns to his home town and falls for Kirsten Dunst.
  Marital Arts
New mom Kate Hudson will return to paid employment with Bride Wars - a romantic comedy she'll produce and star in.

The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star will play one of two brides whose wedding plans collide, with much hilarity etc.
  Mandy Jacko Ben et al
Big-in-the-States teen totty Mandy Moore will star in Au Pair, a thriller about a childminder whose employers turn nasty...

Michael Jackson's cameo will not be cut from in-the-can comedy Miss Cast Away, despite his arrest on allegations of child abuse...

Pitch Black star Cole Hauser will take the lead in Cave, about deep-sea-diving cavers who mutate into "primeval beings"...

Malcolm McDowell will star in dark comedy Cordless, directorial debut of Jesus' Son scripter Oren Moverman...

Following the middling US figures for his sci-fi thriller Paycheck, Ben Affleck is banking on his Kevin Smith comedy Jersey Girl. Apparently it's "a beautiful, beautiful movie. It's easily my best performance. It's a wonderful, grown-up, intelligent, classic Hollywood movie. This really, really works." We're too busy to include the rest of the quote. And that's it. Be off with you. Enjoy your weekend.