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What A Girl Wants DVD (2003)

As a warning to the curmudgeonly, our review of this tween comedy advised that "it'll take a lot more than a stiff upper lip to swallow this bag of old chestnuts". We did admit, though, that the young Amanda Bynes could win over young female viewers. Well, on the strength of this DVD, she's likely to charm most people with her genuine enthusiasm.

Hanging With The Olds

Should you find the need to listen to adults talking, then the second commentary track with the director and writer is fine to dip in to for background information on the various scenes. Far more fun, though, is Bynes' solo commentary. She starts off a little shakily, but is soon in her stride proving to be a chatty, humorous young woman who is clearly having a blast doing what she does.

Not For The Boys

Boys may gag, but the best of the other extra features is the Fashion And Etiquette 101 featurette, where we get a guide to Bynes' many outfits. Plus, the sharper among you should then go try the quite fun What's A Girl To Wear? interactive game, where you've got to try and match the right accessories together. There's also an Easter Egg with audition footage for you to track down.


  • Audio commentary with Amanda Bynes
  • Audio commentary with director Dennie Gordon, and screenwriters Jenny Bicks and Elizabeth Chandler
  • Fashion Etiquette 101 costume featurette
  • What's A Girl To Wear? interactive dressing game
  • Additional scenes (less than two minutes long in total)
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Hidden Easter Egg
  • Cast and crew list
  • The What A Girl Wants DVD is out to buy on Monday 23rd February 2004.

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    Technical Information

    2 Dolby Digital 5.1 Static and silent 2.35:1 (anamorphic)
    28 English, Dutch, French, German, Italian English, French, Italian
    English, Italian All of the special features come with subtitles apart from the commentaries and trailer PG

    End Credits

    Director: Dennie Gordon

    Writer: Jenny Bicks, Elizabeth Chandler

    Stars: Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth, Kelly Preston, Anna Chancellor, Tom Harper, Jonathan Pryce

    Genre: Family

    Length: 105 minutes

    Cinema: 08 August 2003

    DVD: 2004

    Country: USA