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High Noon - 9th December 2003
  Casting Call!
Attention muggles! The makers of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire are hunting twin Asian girls to feature in the fourth movie about the boy wizard. Judging by the last couple of HP movies, you don't even need acting ability. So what are you waiting for? If you (and your sister) fit the bill, call the Leavesden production office on: 01923 685 060, or Heyday Films on: 020 7836 6333. Shooting starts April 2004 at Leavesden Studios.
  Big City Buzz
Top US comedian Jerry Seinfeld will write, produce and star in Bee Movie, a CGI-animated feature for DreamWorks. You may know Jerry from such fall-down-funny sitcoms as Seinfeld (despite being inexplicably relegated to a midweek-at-midnight slot on BBC2). The jokemeister worked closely with DreamWorks honcho Steven Spielberg to come up with the premise; a comedy set in a metropolis that resembles Manhattan (déja vù?) but entirely populated by, um, bees. (That's the sting in the tail.)

"I have always been fascinated by bee society, the world's most harmoniously run organisation, and now I finally am going to be in it," Seinfeld said in a statement. "The enthusiasm of Jeffrey [Katzenberg] and Steven for this idea is the main reason I decided to do it." Bees to honey, baby...
  Freudian Slip
Star Sean Astin (aka Sam Gamgee in The Lord Of The Rings) will star opposite Vinnie Jones in sci-fi thriller Slipstream, now shooting in South Africa with newcomer David van Eyssen at the helm. Astin tells BBCi FILMS: "I met with David and I liked the premise of the film. Although they weren't offering much money, the prospect of going to South Africa was appealing to me." But a trip to Table Mountain wasn't the main attraction for Astin...

"I got there and it turned out I was working with Vinnie Jones, and that was the highlight of the experience for me." He adds: "Honestly. I love him. I love Vinnie." Okaaay..."He's really sweet. He's got a huge heart, and a passionate soul." High Noon reckons Astin has spent far too much time in the wilderness with hobbits.
  Mission Improbable
After hiring Narc director Joe Carnahan to helm a third Mission: Impossible film, Tom Cruise hints it's far from a done deal. The Cruiser, whose Oscar hopeful epic The Last Samurai has just debuted at No.1 at the US box office, told The Chicago Sun-Times: "We're still working on a script for Mission: Impossible III. Mission is always tough to do. That's the challenge of it."

Crucially, he adds: "If I don't feel that I can do it, then I won't. I won't do a three if it's not right." The script has already passed through the hands of Oscar-winner Robert 'That's Chinatown' Towne, and Dean Georgaris, the pen behind, um, Lara Croft: Cradle Of Life. (High Noon thinks it may have spotted the spanner in the works...)
  On The Road Again
Oscar-nominated director Alexander Payne (About Schmidt) has signed the dotted line for Nebraska, a low-budget road movie. It tells the tale of an ageing alcoholic (Jaaack?...) who has his son drive him from Montana to Nebraska to cash in a winning lottery ticket. His dutiful son goes along with the plan, but remains convinced that dad's golden ticket is merely junk mail. In case anyone had failed to realise that Payne is an important filmmaker after last year's Oscars, Nebraska will be shot in black-and-white.
  B-Movie Buffet
The 1994 British thriller, Mute Witness, has been pegged for a US remake with Gothika scribe Sebastian Gutierrez on writing duty. The plot follows a mute make-up artist locked on the set of a horror film after hours... Talking of Goth, rocker Rob Zombie (House Of 1000 Corpses) and cartoonist Steve Niles have created prouction house (of horror) Creep Entertainment Intl. Their opening slate of projects include adaptations of creepy comics The Nail, Bigfoot, and Lords Of Salem... Girly growing pains yarn Whale Rider scooped gongs in nine categories at the New Zealand film awards. As well as Best Film, the (New Zealand-based!) pic scored Best Director and Best Screenwriter for Niki Caro, and pubescent thesp Keisha Castle-Hughes took home Best Actress. No doubt a whale of a time was had at the after-show party. (Sorry.)