Carrie-Anne Moss

The Matrix Revolutions

Interviewed by Alana Lee

“It's deep and it's beautiful to have been part of it for so long ”

When Carrie-Anne Moss injured her ankle during preliminary filming on The Matrix, she decided to work through the pain for fear of being replaced. It was a wise decision, even if the injury wasn't to be the last she received playing Trinity - she also broke her leg shooting Matrix/Revolutions in Australia, in 2002. If the three Matrix movies show that she looks good in leather and sunglasses, the 2000 thriller Memento demonstrated that she could also act. And what did the 2000 sci-fier Red Planet show? That she should never appear in movies set on Mars co-starring Val Kilmer. Life after The Matrix involves bringing up a baby and starring alongside Aaron Eckhart in Suspect Zero.

How did it feel when you saw the final movie in the trilogy?

I was just blown away by it. What a beautiful film! I'm so proud to be a part of it. I love it to bits. Revolutions was beyond my wildest dreams. I just really enjoyed it so much visually, the action and then the story and the characters, the beauty of that. The love in the film really inspired me.

How do you get the balance between the CGI and the characters?

Yeah, how do you do that? But they did it, they did it! I just did what Larry and Andy Wachowski wanted me to do. It's true.

How emotional was it to film your final scenes with Keanu?

It was emotional and beautiful and so many things. It's a heavy thing. It's deep and it's beautiful to have been part of it for so long. It's pretty spectacular.

How do you feel about this finally being over?

I feel really grateful and really honoured to be part of it. It's like a segment of a life is ending. It's like saying goodbye to a part of my life, and I really want to celebrate that.