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High Noon - 30th October 2003
  J.Lo In Pole Position
"Will J.Lo strip off for her next flick?" is the question giving High Noon sweaty palms, with news that the Out Of Sight star is developing a picture described as Footloose meets The Full Monty. No other details have emerged about Dance Lessions, which La Lopez could appear in after Richard Gere romance Shall We Dance?
  Benny Shoots Hoops
Benjamin Affleck is re-teaming with Pearl Harbor producer Jerry Bruckheimer on basketball flick Glory Road. The no-doubt-heartwarming drama will see The ‘Fleck play real-life college hoops coach Don Haskins, who opened up the game to African Americans in the 60s. Disney is bankrolling the project, although no one has signed yet to direct.

  More Asimov
With Will Smith sci-fi flick, I, Robot, in production, the smart money says other Isaac Asimov fiction will head for the big screen. The bandwagon is gaining momentum, with The Singing Detective director Keith Gordon adapting The End Of Eternity - an Asimov novel about a future-based technician who travels through time to tinker with world events and avert disasters. However, one of his period stopovers is complicated, when he falls in lurrve.
  Handbags At Dawn
Robert Downey Jnr isn't all that happy with Woody Allen, over being ditched from the bespectacled director's next project and replaced with Will Ferrell. At the time, reports emerged it was because the producers couldn't get insurance for the star, who has a history of drug abuse. "Cobblers," says Downey (well, that's the subtext).

"The simple truth is that by the time Woody had capitalised by associating my name with his new film, we still didn't have a deal. Then, the last thing he approached was the somewhat delicate nature of insuring me. It was effortless for the producers of Gothika to insure me. On my next film [Eros], the producers set up my insurance with no big hassle."

He went onto claim Allen "mismanaged" the offer and "a situation was created that was unfair to both of us". Subtext, again: "They didn't give me enough money."
  To ER Is Human... Or Something
ER TV star Eriq La Salle has inked to topline Inside Out, a drama about a small-town doctor who tears apart his community by conducting scientific experiments on his patients. "Betrayal, scandal and murder then rear their pesky heads", says Variety.
  Darth Loved Up
Hayden "Anakin" Christensen doesn't want to follow Mark Hamill into post-Star Wars obscurity. "I have other ambitions for myself: some big, some small," the enigmatic young scamp said. Unfortunately, these do not involve becoming a reculsive monk searching for the lost paradise of Shangri-La and never darkening a cinema screen again.

Instead, he'll be starring in a romantic drama for Charlotte Gray director Gillian Armstrong. "It's a period piece set in 1908," the 22-year-old Canadian actor said. "It has a strong comedic aspect which I'm looking forward to exploring".

He's also mulling over "a spy thriller in the works for the Zanuck company. Gary Oldman and Robert Duvall are already attached, but I may become a reclusive monk searching for the lost paradise of Shangri-La and never darken a cinema screen again." Can you spot which part of that paragraph High Noon made up in a desperate bid to make today's news more interesting? Neither can we. (Hey! J.Lo getting her kit off sounds pretty interesting to me! And makes a change from Orlando stories... - Ed.)