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High Noon - 29th October 2003
  About Blooming Time
The film industry trade papers (Variety, The Hollywood Reporter) are blabbing about luvverly Orlando Bloom starring in Ridley Scott's romantic epic Kingdom Of Heaven, today. But you know this already, cos Uncle High Noon told you yonks ago.

  Elam Bows Out
Outstanding character actor and classic Western villain Jack Elam has died, aged 86. His hangdog features, coupled with a dead left eye (the result of a childhood accident) and wicked charisma, made him an unforgettable figure in more than 50 Westerns. His short-lived appearance in the opening scene of Once Upon A Time In The West is a classic, while other highlights include a tragic turn in Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid, and slyly funny appearances in Support Your Local Gunfighter and Support Your Local Sheriff.
  Brando Prepares For Final Part?
Another great, if somewhat more high profile, actor is apparently preparing for the end, with rumours that Marlon Brando is readying himself for death. The 79-year-old actor, who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this year, has recorded tapes of instructions on how his funeral should be conducted, and hopes Jack Nicholson will lead the mourners as his ashes are sprinkled on the Polynesian atoll Tetiaroa - which he has owned since 1966.
  The Alamo Under Siege?
The big budget retelling of America's favourite massacre has been put back, with The Alamo release shoved to April 2004 - out of Oscar contention. This could mean the Billy Bob Thornton/Dennis Quaid starrer is either A) No good, or B) Not finished, which is the reason Disney is giving for the delay, claiming the filmmakers "felt they needed additional time to complete this great movie."
  Dead Fish For Gary
Gary Oldman has started shooting Dead Fish, a black comedy about mistaken identity, in which he plays a hitman opposite Robert Carlyle's debt collector. Terence "Tell them I'm ****ing coming" Stamp co-stars. Franchise Pictures is producing, as well as working on Papa - a biopic of rabblerousing writer Ernest Hemingway, which will star Anthony Hopkins and could see Meg "Duck Face" Ryan take a supporting role.
  Moore's Got The Fever
In a rare acting role, Bowling For Columbine writer-director Michael Moore plays a, um, political journalist opposite Vanessa Redgrave in The Fever. Adapted by Wallace Shawn from his own play, the feature - which is in post-production in London - is about the "political awakening" of a middle-class woman. Redgrave's daughter Joely Richardson co-stars, while her son Carlo Nero directs.
  Sizemore Does Time
Heat star Tom Sizemore has been sentenced to six months in the clink, for abusing his ex-girlfriend, former Hollywood pimp Heidi Fleiss. The actor, who has previously struggled to battle drug addiction, could see his time reduced to six months if he completes "courses to deal with drug addiction, anger management and domestic violence", reports The Guardian.
  Airplane Tremors
Tremors director Ron Underwood will next helm Gravity, reports Variety. Production will start early next year on the psychological thriller, about an "unruly traveller" who nearly downs a plane. No one mention Turbulence.
  Jinx Nixed
Halle Berry's Bond spin-off Jinx has been put on hold, despite the enthusiasm of 007 production house Eon, and series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. MGM, who own the rights, have told them instead to concentrate on Bond 21, leaving writers Neal Purvis and Rob Wade to contemplate a lot of wasted time and an unhappy Eon spokesperson to tell Variety, "There were creative differences".