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High Noon - 27th October 2003
  Scary Box Office
As someone much wiser than High Noon once observed, "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public." Thus, we are not at all surprised to report that spoofy sequel Scary Movie 3 opened in the States with a whopping $49.7 million - almost as much as the entire gross of the woeful part two. Elsewhere, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake continued to coin it in, but Angelina Jolie's star stock continued to fall, with UN romance-drama Beyond Borders failing to even breach the top 10.
  Zeta For Zorro
Director Martin Campbell says he has a "great script" for the sequel to excellent swashbuckler The Mask Of Zorro. "We've rejected several scripts over the past four years but have a great one now which is why the project has been green-lit," he says.

"It's a great role for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Her character will definitely be on a par with Antonio Banderas' this time. And this one is much more than your typical sequel. It's a full-out new film that uses the same two central characters." Shooting should start in April or May, with the film scheduled for a 2005 release.
  Damon, Jones Off The Map
Matt Damon and Vinnie Jones make cameo appearances in Off The Map, starring Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress Michelle Trachhtenberg. The teen comedy, known as The Ugly Americans until DreamWorks evidently decided to pinch the title of Campbell Scott's directorial debut, should be released early next year.

"We were in Prague shooting for four months," says Trachtenberg. "Matt Damon took a day off from The Brothers Grimm to come and shoot a small role in my movie, so we were very happy to have him." Jones and Lucy Lawless also appear, as does Joanna Lumley, who the young star describes as "the funniest woman I've ever met in my life". Which suggest she needs to get out more.
  Phantom Writer
Plans are moving ahead for another adaptation of comic book The Phantom, with Olympic medallist-cum-writer Mel Stewart signed to script. The new version will "modernise" the purple spandex-clad superhero, in the hope that technological bells and whistles can make this better than the 1996 Billy Zane-starrer. Which, let's face it, wouldn't be hard.
  Bancroft Brooks Romances
Oscar-winning The Graduate star Anne Bancroft has inked to appear opposite Adam Sandler in Spanglish - a romantic comedy from As Good As It Gets director James L Brooks. She'll play the mother of Téa Leoni's Sandler-loving character.
  Home Fires Burning
The fires raging through California have - shock horror - affected a movie. Martin Scorsese's The Aviator was due to shoot at a ranch in the Simi Valley this week, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing movie mogul Howard Hughes in some airstrip-set scenes. However, because of the fires, it, er, can't. This isn't very interesting is it? Sorry.