Jason Flemyng

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Interviewed by Anwar Brett

“I think Hyde kicks Hulk's arse. You don't have to be green to be mean! ”

London-born Jason Flemyng has starred in a wide range of film and TV projects, including Alive & Kicking, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, The Red Violin, Snatch, and Rock Star. Prior to The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, he appeared in another Alan Moore adaptation, From Hell. The 38-year-old has just completed French actioner The Return Of James Battle.

There were rumours of tensions on the set of your current film - how true was this?

There were tensions, but then there always are. A film is like a mad arranged marriage, with all these people who don't necessarily want to be with each other forced into this intimate, exhausting process. Apart from Lock Stock - which was one of those freak occasions where everyone had a brilliant time - I've not been on a film where there haven't been arguments.

You've worked on a few projects that have been filmed in Prague, and more than one based on an Alan Moore comic book...

This is my Alan Moore phase! I've made six films in Prague now. My only regret is that when I first went there to make Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in 1992, I didn't buy a bloody flat. There are million pound flats in Prague now, it's amazing. I remember because we were there for a while, and the rent on the flat was $6,000. They said that for double that amount I could have bought it. But of course I worked at the RSC in Stratford, and it's a well known fact that as soon as you buy yourself a flat there, you never work at the RSC again. It's fate really.

Working with an actor like Sean Connery must be daunting for someone who has grown up watching his films. Was he quite relaxed on set, could you all have a laugh together?

We could, in fact people on set would give Sean their phone and ask him to speak to their mates all the time. A memo came through asking us not to do this because it was a pain in the arse for him. I had a banana in my hand and I cheekily asked Sean if he'd have a word with my mate. Sean took it and said "So, you're a friend of Jason's - that certainly makes you unique". He was laughing with his friends, and I took it back from him and talked into it, saying "Yeah, he's a silly old fool, he talks to bananas!". We got to the point where we could all rip on each other all the time. We had a good time together.

You are very recognisable as Dr Jekyll, less so as the huge, muscle-bound Mr Hyde. Are you happy with the results of all that make-up and special effects?

It's not an exact science, but however many mistakes we might have made, I think Hyde kicks Hulk's arse. That wasn't Eric Bana, it was Shrek. You don't have to be green to be mean!

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is released in UK cinemas on Friday 17th October 2003.