Keira Knightley

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Interviewed by Alana Lee

Although it may seem like Keira Knightley has achieved overnight success, she's actually been a jobbing actress for nearly ten years. She appeared in numerous TV serials before scoring her breakthrough role in footballing Brit-com "Bend it Like Beckham". Inevitably, Hollywood came calling and now Keira is set for her biggest success to date in Jerry Bruckheimer's swashbuckling adventure "Pirates of the Caribbean". She's not gone for long though - she'll next be seen in Richard Curtis' new romantic comedy "Love Actually", opposite Hugh Grant, and "King Arthur" with Ioan Gruffudd.

What was the experience of making this movie like?

It was a lovely experience. We shot this film for about six months in LA and the Caribbean. Johnny [Depp] is fantastic. He's a lovely bloke, very funny, very down to earth and a phenomenally talented actor. They're all great guys and really sweet. We just all had a laugh.

What did you like about playing Elizabeth Swann?

She's a 21st century girl trapped in an 18th century world. She kind of starts out as a damsel in distress and then kicks ass, so what's not to like? And I got to kiss Orlando Bloom, and got chased around a bit by Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush! It was very exciting, and you can't really get much bigger than a Jerry Bruckheimer film.

But you didn't get to swing a sword, though...

No. I didn't have a sword. Am I angry about that? Yes, very! And do they know I'm angry? Yes, they do. But I still didn't get a sword. I asked every single day, anyone I could ask, if I could have a sword but I didn't get one.

How did you feel when you finally watched the movie?

It's incredible to see the finished film. None of us knew what the skeletons were going to look like. They screened the trailer for us in the Caribbean, which was when we first realised how big this film is. It's really incredible to see the finished product and what we were actually screaming at.

And what was the most challenging thing for you on the shoot?

I had to walk the plank and then jump off! I know it doesn't sound much, but it was very exciting for me. And I'm very proud of myself.