Craig Ferguson

I'll Be There

Interviewed by Jamie Russell

A talented comedian, actor and now a director, Glasgow-born Craig Ferguson is best known for his on-screen roles in British comedies "Saving Grace" and "Born Romantic". In his new film, "I'll Be There", he performs on both sides of the camera and even gets to belt out a tune.

You write, direct and star in "I'll Be There". What attracted you to the project?

I wasn't really that interested in the idea until I met Charlotte. She's extraordinary. I've never met a human being who is quite as talented in all my life. She's a really good actor. She understands it - the idea of being in the moment. I guess with singing you do the same thing, and I think they're disciplines that are complementary. Certainly in her case she's really hit the ball out of the park.

So did you want to showcase her talents?

It's not a fluff piece for Charlotte. I wouldn't have done that. It's a real film, it's a real story about real people. It's not like people bursting into song every five minutes where someone goes "What's for tea?" and the answer is [singing] "Let-me-tell-you-what's-for-tea!" This film isn't just a musical, it's a film about families. It's certainly not a promo for Charlotte's singing career. She sings in the film, but so do I, and so does Joss Ackland, and he doesn't have a singing career. Well, not yet!

The film deals with people discovering that their real parents are famous. That's quite a weird story...

It's the kind of thing that would be upsetting for anybody, but it happens all the time. I've started looking at my own father a bit funny. He assures me, though, that I really am the son of a Scottish postman.

Did you shoot in Wales?

We shot in Slough for Wales. Which, believe me, is an excellent match.

So no hopes of this reviving the Welsh film industry then?

In Scotland during the 1990s, everybody said that "Braveheart" would make the Scottish film industry. I said, ""Braveheart" will do for the Scottish film industry what "Mutiny on the Bounty" did for Tahiti." It's just a ******* location!