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Reign of Fire DVD (2002)

Matthew McConaughey takes on fire-breathing dragons in a monster movie that director Rob Bowman doesn't think is his strongest genre, as he reveals on the DVD.


Picture There's a lot of darkness in future England, so for moments lit only by flickering flames, you'll be glad of this detailed high contrast transfer.

Sound Just how big a hole do you want blown in your speakers? You have THX-mastered options of either Dolby or DTS 5.1 mixes, and while both will wreak fiery vengeance upon your subwoofer, the DTS is the most dragon-like!


Breathing Life into the Terror This eight-minute making of featurette opens with a full showing of the theatrical trailer, which really is padding of the worst sort given that the trailer is repeated elsewhere on the DVD. Otherwise, you get a six-minute look at the CGI and model effects used in the movie.

Below the Line: If You Can't Take the Heat The bulk of this featurette is B-roll behind-the-scenes footage of the pyrotechnics team at work, with accompanying captions so you can understand what's going on.

Conversations with Rob Bowman Apart from the stunning presentation of the film on this DVD, this ten-minute chat with Rob Bowman is the only other good bit of the disc.

Bowman reveals himself to be a man of impeccable cult TV tastes, citing Night Stalker and Night Gallery as influences. With such tastes he was ideal to take on The X-Files TV show, and asked to direct as many episodes as possible. The ones he didn't like doing, though, were the monster-based episodes, as he felt he wasn't very good at making them. Hence, he has to try and explain why he's doing a big-budget monster movie here.

Additional Extra Features Also on the DVD is a trailer.

Region: 2
Chapters: 11
Ratio: 2.35:1 (anamorphic)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1
Audio Tracks: English
Subtitles: English and multiple languages
Captions: English
Menus: Animated, with fire!
Special Features Subtitles: None of the special features come with subtitles.

This DVD was reviewed on a JVC XV-N5 DVD player.

End Credits

Director: Rob Bowman

Writer: Gregg Chabot, Kevin Peterka, Matt Greenberg

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Izabella Scorupco, Gerard Butler, Alexander Siddig, Alice Krige, Scott Moutter

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Length: 102 minutes

Cinema: 23 August 2002

DVD: 09 June 2003

Country: USA