Estella Warren

Kangaroo Jack

Interviewed by Alana Lee

When people say that Canadian actor Estella Warren's performance in Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes" stood out, they're not being complimentary. It didn't help that she followed that wooden performance with Renny Harlin's high speed flop, "Driven". She's consequently had a relatively low profile, starring in indie pics like "The Cooler", alongside William H Macy, and James Merendino's "Trespassing". Now she's goofing around with Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson in "Kangaroo Jack".

How was it trying to hold your own with Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson?

It was great. But with these two guys, I had to go in with my boxing gloves on. It was like, either I have to hold my own with them now or I'm going to be the butt of all the practical jokes throughout the whole shoot. So I went in fighting and it was great. It was so remote in the outback for a lot of the shoot, we had to rely on each other for entertainment. So it all kind of blended in, and our off-camera life was quite equal to our on-camera life. It was just me and these two goofballs!

You spend quite a bit of time with camels in this film. How was that experience?

I was with camels a lot. They're not the most elegant of creatures and they're certainly not the nicest. They spit and they fart - a lot! Jerry [O'Connell] and I were always laughing about the smell. I had to learn how to ride a camel, too, and that was pretty funny. I had a great time being in Australia, though. I loved it.

You get to be in water again, following your big water scene in "Planet of the Apes" What's this thing with you and water?

Well, there's a little kissing between me and Jerry in the waterfall. But it's not really a swimming scene. Because I was a champion swimmer in Canada, they're always trying to get me in the water in movies! I've drawn the line now with this film. No more water!