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Blue Crush (2003)

If you've ever wondered why no one's made a movie combining the surfing thrills of "Big Wednesday" with the girl power message of "Coyote Ugly" before, here's your answer.

"Blue Crush" follows young Maui girl Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) in the lead up to the Pipe Masters surfing competition.

Living the dream with her troublesome little sister and two best friends, their relationship is rocked by the arrival of football player Matt (Matthew Davis). He (unconvincingly) woos Anne Marie and - shock horror - distracts her from that all-important competition training...

The impressive water-based action shots just about save "Blue Crush" from being a total washout. Stunning cinematography/CGI takes you inside the barrel of the wave, creating one of the most convincing cinematic portrayals of surfing.

If the film had spent more time on surf and less on turf - pointlessly messing about with unnecessary melodramas - this could have been a must-see surfing movie. But, despite the (obvious) use of real surfers, Maui life is touched upon with such little depth, you never get to the heart of the surfing culture.

The casting of little known Kate Bosworth is a blessing, as a well-known actress would have made this even less believable. But Michelle Rodriguez, Mika Boorem, and Sanoe Lake won't wow with their performances.

Young wannabe surfers will probably love the film and its funky soundtrack, but the real deal will surely scoff. And with its carefully-crafted-for-maximum-exposure bikini shots, "Blue Crush" is more likely to appeal to lads than the girls it's intended for.

If you want to see beautiful shots of the sea, then dive right in. But if it's an interesting story you're after, "Blue Crush" is one tube-ride you won't need to take.

End Credits

Director: John Stockwell

Writer: Lizzy Weiss, John Stockwell

Stars: Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Matthew Davis, Sanoe Lake, Mika Boorem

Genre: Drama, Romance

Length: 104 minutes

Cinema: 04 April 2003

Country: USA

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