Jennifer Lopez

Maid In Manhattan

Interviewed by Alana Lee

Her years of training and appearances in TV movies and shows were finally rewarded in 1997 when Jennifer Lopez played the title role in "Selena". He later roles - "Out of Sight", "The Cell", "The Wedding Planner", and "Enough" - received mixed reviews. However, they did establish her as the highest-paid Latina actress in the business. Her latest movie, "Maid in Manhattan", sees her star opposite Ralph Fiennes.

It's hard not to compare this film to "Pretty Woman"...

Yes, there are comparisons in as far as it's a romantic comedy. I think of it more like "Working Girl" and "Pretty Woman" together. It's not really a Cinderella story. It's more reality-based.

What do you like about your character?

Marisa is more like me than any character I've ever played. She's Puerto Rican. She's from the Bronx. She has this young son and she's just trying to make ends meet. Every day she gets on the train to work. She goes to this big city of dreams and she wants more. She has aspirations in that way. I really relate to her.

How about working with Ralph Fiennes...

He's very good in the movie. It's funny because people would think this wouldn't be challenging for him but romantic comedy does have a certain kind of tone. You have to strike a balance between reality, telling a story, and being heartfelt and honest. But at the same time, find the humour in it.

Does the movie have a message?

Sure. People aren't always what they appear and you shouldn't judge people or discard people by how they look. And don't give up on your dreams.