Michael Clarke Duncan


Interviewed by Alana Lee

Michael Clarke Duncan was typecast early on in his career, repeatedly being offered bouncer and bully roles. However, his role in "Armageddon" turned things around when Bruce Willis recommended him for the gentle giant role in "The Green Mile". After this success the big guy landed roles in "The Whole Nine Yards" and "The Scorpion King". He's now back in "Daredevil", as the baddie Kingpin.

Tell us about being Kingpin?

I don't have any superpowers. I'm just cool like I am now. I just feel the pleasure. I wear really nice suits! I did put on a lot of weight to play him. I was up around 340 pounds because the producers said they wanted a really big guy - and I'm not that big, you know! I've lost it all now though. I'm 285 pounds, my sexy weight!

You've known Ben for quite a while and worked with him before. How does he shape up as Daredevil?

At first I couldn't picture Ben Affleck as Daredevil because I know him. I know how goofy he is. After I got on the set and saw him in that red leather outfit, I still couldn't picture him as Daredevil!

But after I started working with him and saw how hard he was working at it, I think he's the only person who could play this character. He's just got the charisma and he put so much into this. When you have a passion for something like he does, you just can't go wrong. And Colin Farrell... Colin Farrell! Colin Farrell and Jennifer Garner, they make the movie. They really do.

How was it working with Colin Farrell? He has this badass image now...

Colin's just like that. Exactly what you see and what you hear, that's him. Cameras rolling or no cameras rolling, he's exactly the same and that's what I admire about him.