Colin Farrell


Interviewed by Alana Lee

Irish-born Colin Farrell started out on the small screen before becoming hot property in Hollywood. His first supporting film role in "Ordinary Decent Criminal" led to his much praised performance in "Tigerland", but it was "Minority Report" which secured his superstar status. This year sees Farrell appear in "The Recruit" and play the bad guy in "Daredevil".

How does it feel to be dubbed the sexiest, baddest guy in Hollywood?!

It feels great! Really, it doesn't bother me. It doesn't keep me up at night or send me to sleep any faster.

Why did you do this film and particularly this role?

It was just fun! It's so much further from reality than anything I've ever done. I just got to act over-the-top and be hammy. It was a good time.

You are doing more action in your recent films. Are you having to keep fitter and look after yourself a bit more?

No! Come on! You breathe heavily inbetween takes. You suck it in and you do a take. No, it doesn't hurt the beer consumption at all. Where would be the fun in that?

What about the bullseye on the forehead?

It was just something they painted. They put glue on my forehead and stuck it on. But when I sweated, it would start to bubble and I'd look like a leper, so they'd have to redo it two or three times a night.

How was it working with Ben Affleck and the others?

I didn't work with Ben that much. I only worked with him for one or two days. Most of it was green screen. I just enjoyed being around them. You're on the set, you're bored and just sitting around behind the monitor, joking around. They're good fellas.