Bonnie Wright

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Interviewed by Jamie Russell

When did you first read the "Harry Potter" books, and what did you think of them?

I had a few of them before we started the first movie and I was a very big fan then. I thought they were great books and my brother always said I was a lot like Ginny!

What was the best moment of the shoot for you?

Just going to the studio every day was great. All the sets were wonderful and I liked every scene.

What was it like working with Julie Walters as on your on-screen mum?

She's a really great person and she's really funny. They were both really ideal screen parents [Mark Williams plays Arthur Weasley], because they're not mean in any way and they don't act as if you're a fake daughter or son.

How have you found the pressures of stardom?

I have had a few people recognise me in public. But I wouldn't like everybody to recognise me. I can still walk across the street and not be noticed. If I was Daniel Radcliffe I think I would find it much harder to deal with.

What advice have your friends given you?

My friends and family have been really proud of me and always talking about the film. For me, it's a really nice thing to have a lot of people supporting you through the actual thing.

If you could cast a spell, what would it be?

If I wanted to cast a bad one, I'd definitely do it to someone I didn't like. I like the spell in the first film when Dudley Dursley gets a pig's tail. That was quite funny. I suppose it's not really a spell, but I'd like to fly a broom in real life. That would be really cool.

What was the last film you saw?

I watched "Bend it Like Beckham" on DVD. The acting was really good and the whole idea was excellent. It was a real-life story about people doing things that their parents don't think is a good idea. I like sports quite a lot, and a lot of boys think that girls can't play sports so it proves that a lot of us actually do.

What would you like your next role to be?

I'd like to play something that's more modern without all the magic. The last film I did [TV movie Stranded, based on the story of the Swiss Family Robinson] was set in the past, so I'd like to do something that's more up-to-date.