Under Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Want to know what the British critics made of "Chamber of Secrets"? We pick out the key quotes from their reviews (just click on the publication title for their full verdicts, where available)...


Financial Times
"This Potter film is better than the last, or perhaps we are just being stunned into surrender... I shall be sorry if the series goes on improving like this. There will be almost no room for critical rudeness at all."

The Independent
"Like "Batman Returns", the "Chamber" represents a calculated risk that audiences want a little perversity with their popcorn."

Daily Mirror
"As kids' movies go, this is one of the best... "HPATCOS" is even more magical, exciting and fun then the first. Roll on number three."

The Sun
"The second movie of JK Rowling's saga does a much better job than the first of unlocking the magic from her wizard prose."

Evening Standard
"The game of Quidditch has much improved. It is faster and more furious. The new design of the sports arena, with the boys on their superbrooms chasing each other inside its hollow circumference, reminded a lot of parents of the chariot race in the film "Ben-Hur"."

"Overall, the film's high points are funnier, scarier and more action-heavy than in the first movie."


The Guardian
"Chris Columbus has come up with an entertaining picture, as comforting as nursery food and as devoid of artistic depth as a sports event."

Daily Telegraph
"The chief virtue of "Chamber" is that it's not "Philosopher's Stone". Chris Columbus has pushed the envelope farther, made a sequel that is pacier and more swashbuckling. Yet it still feels cautious and reined-in. There's none of the acceleration and daring of Robert Rodriguez's "Spy Kids" movies; little of the wit of "Shrek" or "Monsters, Inc."."


The Times
"It must be [JK Rowling's] behind-the-scenes control freakery that has resulted in a movie of such ponderous length and density, a sequel which by no means deserves to replicate its predecessor's squillion-dollar triumph at the box office."

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