Audrey Tautou

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not and Dirty Pretty Things

Interviewed by Ceri Thomas

How did you find working with first-time director Laetitia Colombani on "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"?

I found her very precise. She knew exactly what she wanted. Even though she's very young, she managed to control the whole production. She knew her subject - this strange kind of madness - very well because she had studied it for a very long time. It was odd working with someone about the same age as me - she's just a little bit older - but it was very nice.

Why did you choose to do the film?

The construction of the script was interesting. At the beginning, my character Angelique looks so kind, so lovely, so pretty, but after a while we realise that maybe she's not as we think. It's funny also to play with the image people have of me.

She seems like a deliberate contrast to Amelie - has the success of that film and that character become a bit of a burden for you?

No. I can't go back and I can't try to fight against what's happened. I'm happy to have her and to have had that experience. I think I'm really lucky [she screws her face up] even if everyone thinks I am Amelie, and that if I decide to do something it's because of Amelie or because I want to play against her.

How did you find shooting "Dirty Pretty Things", which was your first film in English?

Very hard. It was very hard because before I started shooting the movie, my English was even worse than now... so you can imagine. I was very, very bad. I didn't have enough time to prepare so I worked really hard with a coach - but English with a Turkish accent was very very strange.

Are you going to stick to French from now on then?

I am going to do another movie in English ["Nowhere to Go But Up"] but after that I deserve to do a movie in French, just for the pleasure. It's very hard doing a film in a foreign language. I hope people will be tolerant because it's my first time. Not my last time, but maybe the one before my last!