Reviewer's Rating 3 out of 5   User Rating 3 out of 5
The Time Machine DVD (2002)

If you enjoyed "The Time Machine" remake at the flicks, then the presentation of the film on disc will please. Just stay away from the special features!


Picture There's plenty to like about the picture transfer, with excellent detail on offer during the dark underground Morlock scenes.

Sound The 5.1 mix does all it can to wring excitement out of the movie, especially during the time travel scenes.


Audio Commentary One Director Simon Wells and editor Wayne Wahrman get together for a commentary that suspends time, much like your most boring lessons at school did. Think of the subject that would make your day seem to drag into oblivion, only this time you get to pay for a comparable experience on DVD. Wells and Wahrman seem like thoroughly decent chaps, but they're asking a lot of an audience not only to sit through their film, but listen to how they constructed this torture as well.

Audio Commentary Two The punishment continues with a triple assault of producer David Valdes, visual effects supervisor Jamie Price, and production designer Oliver Scholl. They manage the incredible feat of repeating all the ground trodden over on track one. It's a more useful commentary in that there's better technical analysis to gain from it, but this is strictly for dipping into for key scenes.

Deleted Scene This actually turns out to be a six-minute alternate opening to the film. While it's a slower start to the movie, it does provide some much-needed grounding for Guy Pearce's character that was missing from the finished feature.

Documentaries We'd call these four flighty promotional featurettes, rather than 'documentaries', but mustn't grumble... We kick off with a five-minute look at creating the Morlocks. Points of interest include an interview with Stan Winston and the behind-the-scenes footage for how they emerge from the ground. We also get a five-minute skim over the design of the time machine, 50 seconds of behind-the-scenes footage, and a four-minute visual effects featurette. This last one is actually quite interesting, but it's too short and the effects breakdowns are far too fast to take in.

Additional Extra Features Also on the DVD is an animatic (animated storyboard), a production design image gallery, two trailers, and a teaser.

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to the original "Time Machine" DVD from Warner Bros. It's light years ahead in entertainment to this new disc.

Region: 2
Chapters: 27
Ratio: 2.35:1 (anamorphic)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Technical Features: Scene selection, multiple languages and subtitles, and English and Italian captions for the hearing impaired.

This DVD was reviewed on a JVC XV-S57 DVD player.

End Credits

Director: Simon Wells

Writer: John Logan, David Duncan

Stars: Guy Pearce, Samantha Mumba, Jeremy Irons, Omero Mumba, Mark Addy, Phyllida Law, Orlando Jones

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Length: 96 minutes

Cinema: 31 May 2002

DVD: 07 October 2002

Country: USA