Robert Rodriguez

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Interviewed by Alec Cawthorne

Did you ever think you'd end up with a Hollywood franchise?

You know, I started out in my garage making movies. In fact, this film was still made in my garage. I keep it there! Being outside of the Hollywood system is an advantage because you'll make things they never think of. Take what you see as a disadvantage and make it your advantage - that's what I say to people who want to be film makers.

Why do you think "Spy Kids" has captured audiences' imaginations the way it has?

I did think this would be my most successful movie, because it's for the broadest audience. It really involved the most of myself. It's based on my own family and the ideas are all mine. And I think this second film defines the series.

How much did you borrow from the Bond movies in terms of gadgets?

It all began with Bond, but the hard thing is not even trying to come up with gadgets better than Bond but gadgets that are better than the ones that already exist. Every time I think of a new idea, they go, "Oh, they already have that!" It's amazing how much already exists technologically. Technology has jumped so much that I just had to come up with really wacky things, like the watch that does everything except tell the time.

So what's your favourite gadget?

The watch that doesn't tell the time!