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The Wash (2002)

If you ever see DJ Pooh getting hustled into a police car, it'll probably be for impersonating a movie director. The evidence your honour is in "The Wash", a 100% feeble comedy that exposes the dire acting abilities of two otherwise well respected hip-hop artists.

What plot director and writer Pooh has managed to scoop into his script sees roommates Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg behind in the rent and strapped for cash. Snoop is in gainful employment at a car wash and while he tries to do as little as possible at work, he does manage to get Dre appointed as supervisor of the joint.

Any comic potential that could be had from Dre becoming his best bud's boss IS lost as the movie aimlessly rambles between Dre's wind problems and the charming Snoop doing drug deals and chasing the laydees. There are only a couple of good lines to be wrung out of "The Wash" and one of them is the recycled classic retort "Yo Mama".

Snoop Dogg's character is so genuinely unpleasant, and Dre such an uncomfortable actor, that the film soon degenerates into an obscenity-strewn clash of puerile humour and plain nastiness.

Brief respite comes from actor George Wallace, whose performance as the curmudgeonly owner of The Wash is the only amusing oasis. Then, just as you think the film doesn't blow so much and will hopefully end soon, the breeze picks up as Wallace is kidnapped. Why? Who knows and at this point, who cares?

Hapless homeboys Dre and Dogg have to put any differences aside and go rescue their boss, leading to a crushingly awful final act. At least it's mercifully short, but is so inconclusive that it renders the whole movie a criminal waste of time.

End Credits

Director: DJ Pooh

Writer: DJ Pooh

Stars: Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, George Wallace, DJ Pooh

Genre: Comedy

Length: 96 minutes

Cinema: 9 August 2002

Country: USA

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