Yoda: The Hollywood Menace!

Now that Yoda has cast the strings aside in "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones", a whole new world of movies opens up for him. But could he hack it in, say, "Taxi Driver" or "Fight Club"? We find out what some classic quotes would have sounded like if Yoda had been delivering the lines...

1 "King of the world am I, hmmm?"

2 "With the fishes sleeping, Luca Brasi is."
"The Godfather"

3 "Hmph, know you what they in Paris a Quarter Pounder call?"
"Pulp Fiction"

4 "Taker of census once test me, heh? His liver with nice chianti and fava beans ate I."
"The Silence of the Lambs"

5 "Real rain will someday come, scum off the streets wipe."
"Taxi Driver"

6 "Messiah him not. Naughty boy very, him, heh!"
"Life of Brian"

7 "Fight Club the rule first of, Fight Club talk you not."
"Fight Club"

8 "Box of chocolates life is, hmm? Never going to get know you what, hmph?"
"Forrest Gump"