Wesley Snipes

Blade II

Interviewed by Ben Falk

Did you have any qualms about returning for the sequel?

I was so excited about the second opportunity, because I think there were a lot of things in the first one that we didn't fully commit to and I knew this one would blow it out of the box.

So what can fans of the first movie expect from this one?

A looser, sexier feel, but there's a lot more suspense and horror in this one. And more comedy.

Was this one even more physically demanding?

I had to train a month ahead of time. And there's some things in this that you won't have seen before. But I like all that physical stuff.

That black leather outfit looks too restrictive for butt-kicking?

It's very flexible. We designed it so it wouldn't restrict the movement. But it gets very hot. We learned a lot from the fashion world - pins and things hold that stuff together.

How did you find shooting in Prague?

[laughs] Prague won't forget us. We did everything, we lived this underground, vampire nightlife. I mean, you have to research your characters. Your character hangs out in a bar, go hang out in a bar!

Are there any plans for "Blade III"?

It's going to happen. We're going to try and do it before I end up in the geriatric ward.