Who's new in "The Two Towers"?

The Fellowship's broken up, Frodo and Sam are on their own, Aragorn's off hunting orc... what fresh characters will they meet in "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"? Read on to find out. (CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS)

Name: Theoden
Who he? King of the Mark - old before his time thanks to the evil force of Saruman's henchman Grima Wormtongue. Crucial to defending Middle-earth against the forces of Sauron, he gets on brilliantly with Merry.
Distinguishing features: Grumpy and suspicious. Then cheerful and brave.
Played by: Bernard Hill
Who he? Brit actor best known for his searing Yosser Hughes in The Boys from the Blackstuff. Also played the unfortunate Captain Smith in "Titanic".

Name: Grima Wormtongue
Who he? Chief counsellor to Theoden, King of the Mark, Wormtongue is actually in the pay of Saruman. Sorry if that's spoilt the surprise for you, but let's face it, the name's a bit of a give-away.
Distinguishing features: Untrustworthy. Slimy. Worm-like.
Played by: Brad Dourif
Who he? An Oscar nominee for his Billy Bibbit in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", he's best known nowadays for voicing Chucky in the "Child's Play" movies.

Name: Eomer
Who he? Bearer of the natty title Third Marshall of Riddermark, Eomer is fiercely loyal to his uncle, Theoden, and distrusts Grima.
Distinguishing features: Handy in a scrap. Good judge of character.
Played by: Karl Urban
Who he? A 30-year-old Kiwi in his breakthrough role (unless you happened to catch the small New Zealand pic "Via Satellite" in 1998).

Name: Eowyn
Who she? Sister to Eomer, Eowyn is Theoden's niece (obviously) and develops a crush the size of East Anglia on Aragorn.
Distinguishing features: Brave. Strong. Gets about a bit.
Played by: Miranda Otto
Who she? Thirtysomething Australian actor whose most prominent role was as Michelle Pfeiffer's next-door-neighbour in "What Lies Beneath".

Name: Hama
Who he? Doorman of Theoden and Captain of the guard, Hama is an all-round good egg.
Distinguishing features: Tall. Trustworthy.
Played by: John Leigh
Who he? Another Kiwi actor who had a minor role in Peter Jackson's US pic "The Frighteners". Paid his dues in New Zealand soap Shortland Street.

Name: Faramir
Who he? Brother to the late, lamented Boromir, Faramir is now responsible for helping his father Denethor defend Gondor against the forces of Saruman.
Distinguishing features: Level-headed. Wise. Doesn't like fighting, but good with a sword when pushed.
Played by: David Wenham
Who he? Another Aussie actor, played 'Audrey' in Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge".

Name: Denethor
Who he? Steward of Gondor, Denethor is the father of Boromir and Faramir.
Distinguishing features: Dislikes Gandalf. Prone to get depressed and do stupid things with fire when he finds out his son has pegged it.
Played by: John Noble
Who he? Head of Drama at a Sydney arts school and an infrequent actor, being better known as a stage director. Despite this, is qualified to play Denethor because he's Antipodean.

Name: Gamling
Who he? Man of Rohan, important to the human cause at the Battle of Hornburg. Also known as Gamling The Old.
Distinguishing features: Old.
Played by: Bruce Hopkins
Who he? Yet another Kiwi, he was a professional dancer for nine years and has made several appearances in, ahem, Xena: Warrior Princess.

Name: Treebeard
Who he? Leader of the ents, an ancient race of tree-like beings. Gets very miffed with Saruman for destroying the local forestry.
Distinguishing features: Looks like a tree. How much more distinguishing can you get?
Voiced by: John Rhys-Davies
Who he? Also plays Gimli in the same film (what, did the budget run out?).

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