Eleven Facts You Should Know about George Clooney

1. Before he started his acting career, George used to sell shoes. Ladies shoes, of course.

2. His first big TV break came on the comedy show E/R in 1984, which had nothing to do with the docs and nurses drama ER that made him famous.

3. He read for the part of stud JD in "Thelma and Louise" five times. Only to see the role go to Brad Pitt.

4. He likes to joke around. While making "Ocean's Eleven", his pranks included smearing door knobs with Vaseline and rigging a bucket of cold water over the producer's bedroom door. He's a crazy guy.

5. He's a confirmed bachelor. After his first marriage to actress Talia Balsam ended in 1992, Clooney swore never to tie the knot with anyone again. Instead he spends his time dating scores of women (including Dedee Pfeiffer, Michelle's sister).

6. The longest relationship he's ever had is with a 150lb pot bellied pig, called Max.

7. He hated wearing the rubber suit for his lead role in "Batman & Robin" and claimed that he used to pee in it rather than go through the hassle of taking it off.

8. Some of his best-forgotten film roles include appearances in lame sequels like "Return to Horror High", "Grizzly II: The Predator", and "Return of the Killer Tomatoes!".

9. Rumours that Clooney was having a gay affair with frequent co-star Mark Wahlberg started after Wahlberg told a magazine "I'm very attracted to George".

10. Elle magazine once strongly implied that George had a bit of an armpit-sniffing fetish. The mag was quick to apologise after he sent a letter saying "I can't sue. No malicious intent. No criminal charges, obviously. No big deal. I guess I could get the boys together and egg your house."

11. He got Julia Roberts to agree to star in "Ocean's Eleven" by sending her a copy of the script with a $20 bill inside it and a note that said "I hear you make twenty a film now". Needless to say, she accepted right away.