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The Fluffer (2002)

Spoofing the gay porn industry with liberal amounts of camp comedy, Viagra, and Debbie Harry as a seedy club owner, directors Richard Glatzer and Wash West set out to make a far funnier version of "Boogie Nights". What they end up with is a movie that's not sure how seriously it wants us to take it.

This story of unrequited love begins with our erstwhile hero Sean (Cunio) renting a copy of his favourite Orson Welles movie at the local video shop but inadvertently being given "Citizen Cum" instead. Intrigued by the skin flick and, in particular, the rippling muscles of star Johnny Rebel (Gurney), Sean hunts down the production company, Men of Janus (because "Janus was the Roman god of entrances and exits"), and signs up for some work in order to meet the star. But not only does Johnny turn out to be straight - "gay for pay" in industry parlance - he's also a complete bastard, using and abusing anyone he can get his hands on.

Although the title might suggest otherwise - the fluffer is the person responsible for getting the performers warmed up for their stint in front of the camera - the movie is actually less interested in sex than the mechanics of desire. Trapped by his love/lust for Johnny, Sean is completely obsessed by a man who, from our vantage point, doesn't deserve any of the attention. But then, as the tag line of the porno movie within the film proclaims, "Love is hard!"

Glatzer and West's entertaining film mixes comedy with a more serious, if slightly unconvincing, end message about infatuation. But that isn't to say the journey itself isn't fun.

End Credits

Director: Richard Glatzer, Wash West

Writer: Wash West

Stars: Michael Cunio, Scott Gurney, Roxanne Day, Taylor Negron, Debbie Harry

Genre: Comedy

Length: 94 minutes

Cinema: 01 February 2002

Country: USA

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